Capturing Memories

- 2014 -

- Since -

It’s ALL about the feeling you are left with.

I want to know who and what is most important to you. With my discreet style I’ll capture the crazy levels of love, Mama or Papa's tears, your giddy friend wearing his tie around his head even though it’s 5:15pm and the pride from everyone who has come to celebrate in style. All of my wedding packages come with a beautiful, hand-made fine-art album. So when the party has long past you can travel back in time and remember how it felt to be there.

Let’s make this simple. My photographic style is all about honest, natural, emotion-focused photography. When the big day finally arrives, you’ll both feel super confident and comfortable because you’ll know you can trust me to do what I love to do. I understand

you want this day to be about each other and your lovely guests. You've put a lot of time into planning The Big Day. You certainly don't want to spend hours on a portrait shoot far away from the party.