November 18, 2017


This is the beautiful summer wedding of Catherine and Michael (or C.K. & Milo if you know them very well) and I have to say it was such a pleasure to shoot this one for many reasons. You see I first met Catherine and her lovely family approximately 5 years ago when I was in the infancy of my photography career and shooting her brother Stephen’s wedding with Mr. Ian McAllister (the primary photographer). A few years later I shot some baby portraits for her brother Paul and his family so by the time 28th July 2017 came around, I was well and truly familiar with the Kearns family. Throw in the genuinely magnificent Melotte family on the Grooms’s side and you have the perfect recipe for a really great day out!

Despite the controversial character whose name is linked to Catherine & Michael’s beautiful choice of wedding venue,  trust me when I say that Doonbeg Lodge is an absolute beast (i.e. amazing)! I’ve had the privilege to photograph 2 weddings at Trump International Doonbeg  and each time I’ve been so impressed with the venue, the ocean backdrop and views, the beach, the staff (especially the wonderful wedding co-ordinator Sylvia) and of course the little village of Doonbeg which is only a stone’s throw away.

When you live in Dublin and then go to the effort of choosing the West of Ireland for such an important occasion, all you want is for the child of Prague to do his/her job and for our country to glow as it does in the eyes of so many tourists who visit every year. Well their wedding day finally arrived and it couldn’t have been any better. Both the West and the weather certainly performed on the day while the summer well and truly kicked into full gear for the celebrations of these newlyweds with their nearest and dearest! Catherine & Michael, thanks to you both (and to your families) for being yourselves! You made my job so easy especially when you both look so happy and in love amidst the sand dunes of Doonbeg. Presenting Catherine & Michael’s Summer Wedding at the Magnificent Doonbeg Lodge, Co. Clare.