September 6, 2018


Get ready for the ultimate love story of a totally mad for each other, Amercian-Irish Couple. A story about putting your boldest intentions out to the universe and the universe listening….no wait,  maybe the story involves the power of carving your own fate when it comes to love and creating your own destiny. Well whatever the forces at play, I simply can’t do their beautiful story justice here so let’s just say this:

In July 2013 an excited American girl named Connie (age 17) arrived to Ireland on a holiday with the very clear intention that was verbalised on the plane to her best friend – “I am going to kiss an Irish man before I leave!” Cut to Connie meeting Chris who at the time sold delicious Murphy’s Ice-cream in Dingle, Co. Kerry. It’s been told that Chris initially didn’t get the hints that Connie ‘got the hots’ for him – so lots of talking, flirting over a couple of nights – Connie lands a smacker on his lips just before she leaves Dingle – fireworks and explosions of the heart – an online, long distance relationship for approx 2 years – even more mad about each other as absence makes the heart…well you know. Connie finally takes a leap of faith moving to Ireland in 2015 for just one summer to research molecular prostate cancer diagnostics (obviously) and scientifically test if Chris is the one. The whirlwind romance now begins in real-time – no longer cyber, virtual or postal. Chris in turn does his bit and moves to the United States with Connie – both now falling madder in love than before. They get engaged, they the book a slick venue in Kingdom County where they’d first laid eyes on each other (Kerry), they find me and everybody’s happy!! The End.

When I met Connie & Chris to talk through their wedding plans before the big day, I already knew this was going to be great wedding to capture and it did not disappoint. My first time shooting a wedding at Dromquinna Manor , Kenmare – this was the perfect backdrop for a stunning outdoor ceremony looking down the lawn and out over the water. The couple therefore had a simple but beautiful nautical theme for their wedding table settings at the reception given the proximity to water.  There was no shortage of tears, laughter and mega-celebrations as the Irish-American wedding party got right into the swing of things. In particular, capturing the Father of the Bride’s expression (and tears) when he first saw Connie in her wedding dress followed by Chris’s first look at his ‘bride to be’ was priceless!

Connie & Chris – thanks for being so relaxed, so up for everything I suggested (I genuinely love those ‘first look’ photos) and so much fun to work with….oh and thanks for texting me when you first saw your wedding slideshow to say “Oh my God Conor – you’re the best photographer on the entire planet”. I’d be grateful if you could kindly forward my certificate and or trophy if applicable so that I can put it on my shelf and look at it every so often to recall what a really lovely time I had working with you both…I just wish I could have been a guest too!!!